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Become a Studio Member Today

Monthly Membership  ($225.00 per month)

Our membership programs are for professional photographers and videographers only who want regular

access to a studio environment to work in, without the headaches and costs involved in owing

your own studio. Our studio membership plans include the use of Goddox lighting, video lighting and

grip gear, modifiers, stand, so you don’t have to purchase lighting equipment or haul your own

gear to the shoots. Of course you are welcome to bring your own. And our memberships

offer significant discounted rates compared to our hourly or daily studio rentals.

10 Hours / Month

Unused hours do not roll over to the next month

May cancel membership at anytime

Don't miss out—become a member today! Limited space available!


Membership Perks


+ 10 hours monthly

+ Studio Key Lock Bock Access

+ Godox Lighting, Light stands, Modifiers( Godox and Alien Bee), seamless paper, reflectors,

posing stools in the studio is included with monthly rental

+ Continuous Lighting for Videography and Photography

+ Budget-friendly prices

+ Common lounge area

+ Kitchenette Area

+ Makeup Vanity Station

Get immediate calendar access upon signup. Members get 10 hours/month to use.

Additional hours beyond the first 10 monthly cost only $20/hr for membership.

General Rules

Membership holder must never leave the studio unattended. Member is responsible for all equipment,

facilities, amenities, and the studio itself during their stay. Natural failure of equipment such as bulbs,

batteries, etc., is our responsibility. Member is responsible for the closure and security of the studio at

the end of their session if unaccompanied by a studio representative from the space. Member must

clean up everything, and turn off all the lights when they leave. No use of the lobby or Kitchenette/break

for storage/setup permitted. Rental time ends when the last person in your group walks out of the

studio. Please keep this in mind when planning your shoot. Member must report damaged or missing

equipment immediately. This is not a soundproof studio, and when using the facility there is a possibility

of road traffic noise in the lobby area. No ALCOHOLIC beverages or DRUGS allowed inside the studio.

No Smoking in the studio. Projects involved with smoke have to get a studio representative's consent.

No one will be admitted who is drunk or under the influence of illegal substances. No Firearms allowed

on the premises. No pets allowed without the prior consent of a Studio representative. This studio is

equipped with a video surveillance system outside the building, in the Lobby, studio shooting space as

well as the kitchenette area. Members give the studio the right to film and store security footage.

Additional Info: - - -

Noise restrictions? a reasonable level allowed. If you have to ask, its too loud. Can you record clean

dialogue? yes Production insurance is not required Furniture and decorations may be moved with studio

approval, smoke machines allowed Removal of Studio Photographs in the lobby is not allowed

Absolutely no painting on studio walls as well as paint splash photoshoots allowed. Confetti, glitter is

allowed however must be completely cleaned prior to leaving space. No occult activity allowed No


Pornographic Production allowed whatsoever. Any violation of rules may result in immediate removal

from the studio And possible termination of membership.

All ages are allowed in the space Production insurance is not required No moving furniture and

decorations No nudity allowed

Security cameras are on the premises

Membership Registration

Thank you! We’ll be in touch. Once registration is approve an invoice for payment will be sent monthly

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